make it holy

Set apart for God

Make it Holy is a message.

It can bring healing to a culture reeling from all that overwhelms us.
We need reminding of this every single day.

About This

Today is a gift. Really.
What to do with such a gift? Make it holy.
This place. It's where we live, work and play.
Let's lift each other up. Take time to pray.
Make it Holy is a message to be mindful of every single day.

What is Holy?

To be set apart for His purpose and glory.
Offering all that we are,
allowing God to make everything holy.

The words and items offered here are to keep us aware,
reminding us of the mission throughout the day.


Need encouragement?
Please connect with words to share or questions.
Have a glorious day!

+ Shirts

God placed it on my heart to create something simple.
A message given with no hidden agenda, no bias, and no spin.
Each item is priced to cover printing, transaction fees, and USPS postage*.

Retail or Church?
Please use the CONTACT FORM for volume price inquiries.
*Product available/shipping to USA addresses only.

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