make it holy

Set apart for God

About This

Today is a gift. Really.
What to do with such a gift? Make it holy.
This place. It's where we live, work and play.
Let's lift each other up. Take time to pray.
Make it Holy is a message to be mindful of every single day.

What is Holy?

To be set apart for His purpose and glory.
Offering all that we are,
allowing God to make everything holy.

The words and items offered here are to keep us aware,
reminding us of the mission throughout the day.


Need encouragement?
Please connect with words to share or questions.
Have a glorious day!


Signs + Shirts

God placed it on my heart to create something simple.
A message given with no hidden agenda, no bias, and no spin.
Each item is priced to cover printing, transaction fees, and USPS postage*.

Dear Church:
Get the message out with stickers and yard signs. CONTACT for signs and stakes at cost plus 10% shipped direct to you.
*Product available/shipping to USA addresses only.

Coming Soon:

A place of sanctuary where healing can be found in the arts, listening, sharing, worship, and prayer.
Because as humans, we often get caught up in consuming whatever is easily available to us. Our eyes and soul turn away from the only love that truly matters - our first love, Christ.
How can it stay within us? We often go down alternate routes and find ourselves drawn away from our faith. That's where we get hurt.
To address this issue, there is a need to create a sanctuary for those who feel separated from God. A place for the Word and prayer, devoid of fear. It will be an open space providing a relaxed and accessible environment to create, discuss, and share art. Full classes will be offered to rekindle our walk in Christ with others.


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